The ol' Mailing List Post

Last year I decided I really wanted to have a mailing list. I started a campaign on MailChimp and I never published it. I recently read a post about why I need a mailing list and I decided to give it another try. I logged back into MailChimp after a year and read my unpublished newsletter. It was dull and boring and all around pretty awful. Although, I love a good promotion, I was mortified at what I thought would be newsletter worthy. 

I decided after reading Abby's post (see link above) that it would be brilliant to start my new newsletter with more inspiring information about artists, tools, classes, books and websites that make me happy. Hopefully, I won't look back at these and cringe, but I'm pretty excited to start this and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same.

I would love for you to sign up and read my new bi-monthly newsletter by using the form below. *The first newsletter includes a download for a free bookplate!* 

If you have a newsletter, please post a comment so I can reciprocate the love. 

Happy New Year!

Every year I always say it goes by fast, but really truly, it goes by so fast! I enjoy reading everyones recaps of the year, so I thought there might be one of you who reads mine and gets inspired to do the same. 

January I handed over my final copy of If I Wrote A Book About You to the publishers and it was released at the end of May. 

February the Happy Happy Art Collective officially launched. 

March was the best month of year, We Love Nature which I created over 200 illustrations for, was published. I designed a personal piece book cover for the Happy Happy Blog that turned out to be one of my favorite drawings of the year. 

In March, I also got the courage to send out an inquiry email to my dream art rep Tugeau 2 and signed on with them a few weeks later. And my daughter turned 2 on the 15th.

April I started working on illustrations for The Giant Book of Creativity which comes out March 24th!

May I turned in my final images for The Yoga Game by The Sea which comes out February 5th!

June I celebrated my 33rd birthday, a great accomplishment I know.

July and August we traveled by Amtrak to San Francisco and Portland and discovered If I Wrote A Book About You was an editors pick at the amazing Powell's bookstore.

August I discovered nib pens and fell in love with drawing all over again. My letter T was brought to life using ink and nib. We also celebrated my husbands birthday at the end of the month!

September I participated in the around the world blog hop and wrote about three of my favs Jill Nicky and Sabina

October I took a quilting class and now I'm hooked.

November the Happy Happy Girls finished illustrating the alphabet and we all ended with a bunch of zebras, zinnias, and zip lines!

December I signed on to do two new books for 2015, the second Yoga Game book and Monkey See, Monkey Do by David Elliott with Blue Apple Books. 

Favorite books I read this year were The Magicians, The Magician King and The Magicians Land. 

Favorite movie (which I saw last night) was Birdman

My favorite netflix watching was Gilmore Girls, Peaky Blinders, and Raising Hope

I couldn't stop listening to Sylvan Esso and Devendra Banharts Mala.

For podcasts, who didn't listen to Serial? I also loved Your Dreams My Nightmares, Let's Get Busy, and Snap Judgement

And last, my favorite children's books were Uni the Unicorn, Julia, Child, and Littleland

2015 is right around the corner and I have my list of things to do. I want to learn how to watercolor, write more, quilt more, and read more. 

What about you? I would love to read your accomplishments and goals! Please share!

Happy Freebies!

Well my friends, The Happy Happy Art Collective's 24 Days of Freebies ends tomorrow! Have you had a chance to download any? Everyone created the most amazing printables, I'm so impressed with the groups work! You can see all of our printables here. Don't forget to check out the last one tomorrow!